My new site  

Monday, November 9, 2009

As i have already mentioned my new site address which is located at

my love for my first blog is not over yet .. so i have decided to keep this blog alive along with the other one ..

My New Site  

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello all .. i just replicated my same blog to a new address .... initially i thought of making a redirect but then i thought why not mention it in the first place so that readers can actually know where its getting redirected

My new site address is


I did this because i thought i should have full control over my site and also i have other ideas as well..

Hope you will enjoy my new site and Thanks for you support

Best Regards

Long Time Since I Made a Post  

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello everyone !

its been a while i wrote to my blog ! Many things happened in the mean while .. first of all i got a job and was busy in adapting to the new role and secondly i went through a very frustrating phase in my personal life and everything was near hell !

Moving on .. well i am done with mcse 2k3 and also planning for mcitp enterprise admin and also speaking of which have other juniper exams remaining which i need to clear up . Dint had any study and i dont know if i can pass them or not

completed some of the link layer technologies and also moving on to labs ..

a detailed excel sheet will be uploaded . You can get it and also make some of your own . excel sheet plan creation is helping me to keep some of the things track down .

Iam an Mcp  

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello all in my certification rush got through some gift vouchers from my friends and went on to attempt my first ever 70-290 just to try my luck .. went through the study guide and poof went through exam .

cisco and simlets saved me again .. there were one simlet which was obvious and some subnetting and ip addressing questions which should be done by any serious icnd to ccie aspirant ...

some obivious questions .. i thought i would flunk in the exam but passed exactly on the border .. my score was 700 which was way over killed as i thought i would fail .

This is all from me .. been doing some ipv6 labs and preparing for ccie beta

Best regards

Passed Jncia-er and also my special thanks to my friend Mr.Rakesh  

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello all two good news to start wtih

1. passed jncia-er yesterday . dint even bothered labbing it up as i was gong for my ccie studies ... just went through student guide and some hands on with one single vmware image and exam is way to crappy and easy man .. really there was nothing in that .. without breaking any nda stuff it was more or less like common sense and little routing from cisco would do that exam

moving on to second one

2. One of my good friends Mr.Rakesh Mandava from Hyderabad helped me with three of the microsoft vouchers to take server exams . great to have friends like him around .. keep up the good work rock and thank you very much for your help ...

so .. still one more week to go for beta written .. not yet with mpls l3 vpn and stuff .. dreaming about narbiks bootcamp hehe ..

over and out

and thanks for people who have been mailing me and wishing me for my video on syslog server .... my pleasure to do them

best regards

Video on implementing syslog server in gns3  

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello guys , i have made a video on deploying and implementing syslog server in gns3 environment . A syslog server logs all messages from routers in gns3 and records them .

Here is a brief video on that

More of videos stuff in breaking labs and doing some specific scenarios ..


am i unpredictable ? May be but hey iam a jncia-ex from today  

Friday, August 14, 2009

From today iam a jncia-ex .. how good does it sound and also still being a student having certification for free is quite a lot of achievement for me :) .. For those who are unaware juniper is offering their associate and one specialist routing exams for free once you meet their requirements .. links can be found on right side of the blog .. so moving along

Dont know why my mind has been in an unpredictable state .. nothing settling down .. wanted to for jncia-ex as per my last posting .. dint get chance as i was attracted by cisco v4 written beta . done with mpls and ipv6 which were troubling me in two days .. now after that a thought came into my mind to prepare for jncia-ex switching which was obviously easy when compared with other tracks atleast .. quickly went through the study guide ..

juniper offers good materials . their study guides are awesome covering important points in bold boxes and lots of place for jotting down the notes .. done with the associate switching which seemed obviously easy once you are at command prompt ... just gave two good reading and questions were direct and out from text book .. no twist or whirl of questions which is not the case with cisco ;)

so on the whole i think iam bouncing on my time again .. few months has some serious set backs and looks like iam getting ready for v4 who know one day i may be writing for my ccie # in my first attempt !!!!!

Thank you

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