This is what completion looks like  

Friday, April 17, 2009

iam finally done with bgp and iam happy that i had completed it at last ..

moving on my combination involves studying in two pair of concepts ..

bgp and qos

switching and multicast

eigrp and ipv6

ospf and security

are the primes .. so my next target would be going after qos ..

yes i had done it in the past but i want to gain perfection .. damn it iam gng to be a ccie


Tonights program !!!  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

had and exam in college all of a sudden and completed the hell now .. tonights plan is simple completing off bgp part 3 , bgp part 4 , bgp part 5 , bgp part 6 , qos part 1

will let you know where i landed ...


Where am i now ?  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Done with

bgp part 1 intro
bgp part 2 attributes
qos part 1
qos part 2
qos part 3

started with ccnp qos and just going along with it .. so most probably would complete the qos
tommorow along with three other bgp videos (hopefully)

-> here is the link and this is how i would be planning my revision path


And i slowed down !!!! hell qos  

the saying "its easier said than done " is quite powerful .... i thought of covering bgp and qos today and you know what i could only cover qos beast today and that too only once without any proper perfection .. i dont know how to tackle this beast .. but i could see one thing .. i felt qos concepts easy infact very easy to master .. (i have mastered the concepts now i need to master the commands from this source ) .. hell its time talking ... but we need to have a proper grip .. ccie # is all about the proper grip right ..

any ways i am still left with good 6 hours of study and i may start off with bgp and cover some of the videos or may start of with qos and do the second glance part out of may be 7 or 8 lol ..

will post the matter soon ..

best regards

Friday, April 10, 2009

tired .... this day has been a good one for me ... i have done with half of the written videos from cbt and going very strong .. labbed with few different scenarios and knew some of the concepts like acl and other fun parts .. but as i need some revisiting of the topics i had to listen to them ..

went out and browsed forums / blogs as usual .. i think iam gonna do this cbt with in next four days if everything goes according to the plan ..

and yes from today on wards iam gonna follow the advice given by inetexperts Mr.anthony .. he told a better study technique of revision and has pointed to an article which has some detailed explanation of retaining the key points with number of revision attempts according to a algorithm ..

the algorithm states that revision should be done in 4 days , 9(days this is my own) , 13 (days my own) ..

so having done with the following concepts today iam gonna revist them after 4 days

cat 3550 concepts

today being firday - > sat - > sun -> monday -> tuesday (iam gonna revisti these videos again)

if i forget please remind me ;)

target for tommorow :

bgp part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , part 5 , part 6 , part 7 , part 8


bgp part 1 - 4 and qos three parts ..

depends on the topic start ..

its bedtime ... bye and hot dreams

progress !!!  

i have an overall of 5-6 sources of preparation path and i may look forward for buying ccie r and s from ipexpert .. but also considering the fact that inet expert does contain some of the best engineers ... out of all , i usually look for scott morris side .. i have never met him in person , and not even talked with him but he is more or less like an inspirational factor for me along with few others ... so having said that what did i do today and yesterday

i have started with core knowledge and went thorough some of the

multilayer switch features - > svi , intervaln routing , access-control
spanning tree features

what i look foreward for next two more days :

routing - remaning topics + revision of already done topics

so after the above plan i will be remaining with routing which will be done in two more days

so all in all source 1 out of 7 sources will be done successfully in next few days ...

Thank you

Now iam doing it all again .....  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello everybody .... as i said i went ahead and created all the videos of the labs .. but unfortunately as i forgot they are from standard workbooks which cannot be uploaded as is ... so i need to make my labs and then make the videos again ..

i have decided to complete entire of the ccie written portion in 13 days from now . yes i mean it .. its not that new to me and i wanna revise it as we are given holidays ....

i will put the plan very shortly ...


Back on videos  

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello every one .. as there was a gap with videos and presentations i have been getting lot of mails about their continuations ... the reason i discountiued was a bit wexed up and also rigorous study schedule in university of mine

From today or most probably tommorow i will post up the labs and their videos .. the problem being with the screen recorder itself .. iam on a linux machine and would love to screen cast from the same linux os itself but i had problems with that ..

so i had to reinstall windows and gns3 again to continue with the videos stuff

Best regards

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