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Friday, April 10, 2009

i have an overall of 5-6 sources of preparation path and i may look forward for buying ccie r and s from ipexpert .. but also considering the fact that inet expert does contain some of the best engineers ... out of all , i usually look for scott morris side .. i have never met him in person , and not even talked with him but he is more or less like an inspirational factor for me along with few others ... so having said that what did i do today and yesterday

i have started with core knowledge and went thorough some of the

multilayer switch features - > svi , intervaln routing , access-control
spanning tree features

what i look foreward for next two more days :

routing - remaning topics + revision of already done topics

so after the above plan i will be remaining with routing which will be done in two more days

so all in all source 1 out of 7 sources will be done successfully in next few days ...

Thank you

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