And i slowed down !!!! hell qos  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the saying "its easier said than done " is quite powerful .... i thought of covering bgp and qos today and you know what i could only cover qos beast today and that too only once without any proper perfection .. i dont know how to tackle this beast .. but i could see one thing .. i felt qos concepts easy infact very easy to master .. (i have mastered the concepts now i need to master the commands from this source ) .. hell its time talking ... but we need to have a proper grip .. ccie # is all about the proper grip right ..

any ways i am still left with good 6 hours of study and i may start off with bgp and cover some of the videos or may start of with qos and do the second glance part out of may be 7 or 8 lol ..

will post the matter soon ..

best regards

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