am i unpredictable ? May be but hey iam a jncia-ex from today  

Friday, August 14, 2009

From today iam a jncia-ex .. how good does it sound and also still being a student having certification for free is quite a lot of achievement for me :) .. For those who are unaware juniper is offering their associate and one specialist routing exams for free once you meet their requirements .. links can be found on right side of the blog .. so moving along

Dont know why my mind has been in an unpredictable state .. nothing settling down .. wanted to for jncia-ex as per my last posting .. dint get chance as i was attracted by cisco v4 written beta . done with mpls and ipv6 which were troubling me in two days .. now after that a thought came into my mind to prepare for jncia-ex switching which was obviously easy when compared with other tracks atleast .. quickly went through the study guide ..

juniper offers good materials . their study guides are awesome covering important points in bold boxes and lots of place for jotting down the notes .. done with the associate switching which seemed obviously easy once you are at command prompt ... just gave two good reading and questions were direct and out from text book .. no twist or whirl of questions which is not the case with cisco ;)

so on the whole i think iam bouncing on my time again .. few months has some serious set backs and looks like iam getting ready for v4 who know one day i may be writing for my ccie # in my first attempt !!!!!

Thank you

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