chapter 8 : vrrp design considerations.  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Topology :

-> minimum of requirement is that there must be multiple routers which are capable of running vrrp in a lan segment.

-> if there are two wan circuits and if there is any routing policy in place which uses only one wan link out of two vrrp should be tuned in such way.

Master or Backup:

->Beefy configuration router is obviously preferred over the non-beefy one as master ;)

-> Assignment of VIP address is one among the important aspects.

Load Balancing:

-> load balancing can be a tricky part . well not let us agree not that hard. assign two routers as masters. assign half routers with one vip address and others with other vip address. Load balancing will be done swiftly.


-> By default preemption is enabled by default. Disable preemption to eliminate unneeded mastership changes during failure and recovery scenarios if you have both routers as masters.


-> option exists for security vrrp exchanges.

first option : No Authentication

second option : simple text password

third option : most secure : HMAC-MD5-96 (md5)

Avoid Wan link Failure:

-> Either have complete Redundancy

-> Other implement Interface Tracking

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