Juniper chapter 7 : services  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

*** These are the core points from the student guide with some modifications if possible

Chapter objectives :

-> service architectures
-> mlppp
-> nat/pat

layer 2 services include

MLPPP -> multilink point-to-point
MLFR -> multilink frame-relay
CRTP -> compressed real-time protocol

layer 3 services


-> Provides services through service sets and its adaptive services interfaces (sp-)

-> stateful firewalls , nat , ipsec vpn , ids can be provided by as pic

Service Interfaces:

Different services are provided by different Pics

-> AS pic : AS pic supports all services

-> ASM is an optional component that you can order with the M7I router

-> J-series router

-> Has software processes that support the same services as the AS pic

-> Interface on J-series router will be designated as ls- rather than lsq-

-> Link services pic

-> Provides MLPPP and MLFR support and designated as ls- similar to j-series

-> Tunnel services

-> gre , ip-in-ip

-> Multiservice Pic and AS pic service

-> Multiservice pic or as pic should be configured so that they provide Layer 2 or Layer 3 but not both

-> as pic defaults to settings of Layer 3

"show chassis hardware" -> to determine the service-package

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