chapter 8: vrrp states  

Thursday, August 6, 2009






-> Initialize:

-> All routers begin in initializing state which essentially announces each vrrp participating routers capability , priority and other parameters

-> No forwarding of packets will be done in this stage as there is no master vrrp router to do the forward.


-> A master router assumes the responsibility to forward packets and answer arp requests to the VIP address from the hosts

-> Master sends periodic announcements which indicates master router's state and priority.If these announcements are not received for a specific period of time the back up router takes the role of the master router.

-> Routers in the backup state observe masters presence and be ready to take the role if master is down.


-> In the event of mastership change, the backup router might fora very brief moment , be in what is known as the transition state. This state is simply a transitional step in which a router changes from the backup state to the master state where in no forwarding occurs for LAN.

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