juniper jncia-er important points and plan  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hello all i have made up my mind that i would be taking this first exam may be somewhere in next week .. i went through the study guide and its absolutely simple .

mean while i will be highlighting you some core points about juniper systems and my plan for next three days

here i go

thursday / friday

i will be starting off with chapter 7 services section and will be working my way from there on

chapter 7 -> services

chapter 8 -> miscellaneous features

chapter 9 -> troubleshooting



chapter 5 -> operational monitoring and maintenance

chapter 6 -> routing protocols and policy



chapter 1 -> intro (no big deal)

chapter 2 -> juniper networks enterprise routers (already done different router stuff)

chapter 3 -> junos user interface (again no big deal)

chapter 4 -> installation and initial configuration (this needs to be brushed up)


for all this work i will be using vmware image of a junos router lets see how this goes . i dont see many people highlighting some important points about juniper stuff let me be among few ;)

Best Regards

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