Team viewer and gtalk.. awesome man .. any one wants to join us !!!!  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello myself and another friend of mine are going for our rs studies and were on gtalk last night discussing some multicasting and general prep stuff . I suddenly got an idea on remote desktop and heard about team viewer few months ago. Quickly went to their website and downloaded the stuff .

its damn simple to use . when you install it you will be given a user id which is automatically generated and a password for your desktop. we quickly shared our session and still on were gtalk . now the thing is i could control everything on his remote desktop and surprisingly enough i started to configure gns3 and few lab topologies of ipv6 from foundation gap.

so were talking to my friend and configuring ipv6 on his laptop everything was crystal clear. This let my spirits up .. even though most of us know that there are some good remote desktop and voip technologies out there most of time we see them and we wont use them .

i suggest you try it . and if possible join us so that we can have independent sessions few times a week each of us planning for specific technologies ..

Best regards

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