chapter 8 : vrrp  

Thursday, August 6, 2009


-> An election protocol used to designate one of multiple vrrp routers as master , which assumes forwarding responsibilites for a lan. similar to hsrp , glbp in cisco terms . not to say that vrrp is not there but it gives you an idea

-> All routers that could potentially assume the role of the master vrrp router for that subnet are known as backup vrrp routers .

Terms :

-> Virtual Router: The virtual router is a logical entity that functions as the default router on a lan segment or network

-> VRID : Virtual Router ID which identifies one virtual router from another

-> VIP : Virtual ip is managed by the virtual router and is attached to the vrrp router
functioning as the master of that network.

-> VRRP ROUTER : A vrrp router is any router participating in VRRP , including the master and backup routers. A vrrp router may belong to more than one virtual router group

->Master Router: Master router is responsible for forwarding packets on lan segment. also perform some arp functions for virtual router. election is typically based on user-define priority.

->Backup Router:As the name indicates it will take role of master when master is down .

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