Its been a while  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello everyone its been a while i posted something useful on blog ... i intially wanted to go with bgp as i have posted some of the important points about bgp ... i then thought i was lacking some thing .. its ok to have a overall picture of topics such as bgp as a matter of fact all of the routing protocols , switching redundancy techniques , security , qos .. but something started poking me .. "am i perfect atleast in one topic?" , " can i proudly say i have read books on that topic , watched instructor videos and labbed on that particular topic and i can now do what ever any one throws at my router?" ... so having all of these ideas and also some what wexed up with life i gave up cisco studies for a month of so ... yes i mean it i dint even touch any book regarding cisco ... then after seeing scott morris picture in one my pics inspiration was right on top ... he is a four ccie and may be more who knows .. when will i be one .. when should i become when will i get knowledge .. why did i left the studies and wasted one month of time in resolving non beneficial issues which dint help me out in any sort .. hence rocked back and here iam starting off with the following!!!!

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