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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's almost one month that i posted to my blog and had many reasons behind it .. first of all i was studying and spending time on technologies and secondly i had some univ exams to deal with .. some ups and downs (all of them were down's ;) ) in my life to deal with and cope up with ..

well iam glad and feeling really good about myself after recovering so quick from the downtimes i had ... boosted my confidence ..

moving on ..

covered good ground on

tcp / ip --- various protocols and packet analyzers and packet headers

arp , icmp , upd , tcp , ipv4 , different types of tcp attacks , building a packet , route resolution etc ... will be summing up

my favourite routing protocols (eigrp , ospf , bgp )

ipv6 technology and last but not least qos and mpls technologies which i thought were very serious ...

done with some security stuff like perimeter defence , internal infra security management , firewall technlogies like checkpoint , cisco pix / asa , clavister , netasq so forth and knew some of the ground breaking technologies ...

will be back soon....

thank you to one and all who sent me emails and comments about my presence rather absence .... iam fine and will do good ..

have a great day


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