Made Checkpoint as a Personal Firewall ;)  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello everybody .. today i have done something which i feel very proud . not a feet really and already done by many of the people who are doing this .. but when ever i see any new technology which serves me i love it .. i simply love it and will share it ..

So what the topic about ?

Nothing serious really .... i have a spare pc (windows one) and what i did was to use check point ng r 55 platform on it ..

requirement :

1. spare pc with atleast 512 mb ram
2. pc has to have two network cards (one for your internal network and other for ext)

installation is fairly simple .. you can download the trial package from checkpoint for 15 day evaluation and install it on the old pc

configure your networks and bingo you network in now being protected by checkpoint ng firewall systems .

one option to consider is to buy license from checkpoint .. if you you need to format your pc in any form ;) and install your firewall

any doubts let me know

best regards

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