Tuesday, June 2, 2009

P=Push Flag Reserved U|A|1|R|S|F

If set , data should be sent through the outgoing and incoming tcp buffer space without being held

[Packet will be flushed very fast out of tcp buffer . Tcp buffer is created when ever a tcp session get initialised]

getting push bit -> may be it has some thing to do with our voice packet priorities


S=Syn Reserved U|A|P|R|1|F

This is only used in the first two packets of the handshake process . This is used to inform the other side of the ISN (Initial sequence number)


F=Fin U|A|P|R|S|1

This is sort of interesting flag type . this if set , sender indicates that they are completed with a connection but they dont want to explicitly close or tear down the connection (they = two sides server and client)

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