cisco pix and asa  

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello iam amazed with the speed and performance of cisco pix firewall in gns3. Moving on its been fun learning whole new technologies ..

i have presently shifted my path towards security and voice way not that i will be attempting them but to gain good knowledge over all of the security and qos conepts before i take my R and S exam lab . just in case to feel extra bit of familiarity .. no hurry for me .. i still have 1.5 years to deal with R and s beast and silently waiting how cisco r and s team have been dealing with changes with the exam .

next i would be dealing with ccip track to gain high familiarity levels with bgp track .. as said iam enjoying my learning and what surprises me is that iam not learning for my certification of ccsp and ccvp tracks so it give me extra bit of edge over concepts and to take them as i wish as possible and grasp as much as i need ...

installed pix over gns3 and it was real fun part .As mentioned i had problems with UR license but could solve that problem . will be posting all of those videos .. just waiting to see what i can include in my presentations.

learnt concepts about pix firewall family , pix administration , and acls .. was refreshing , object groups , nat principles and pix filtering services ..

will update you with other things ..

best regards

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