lab 4 vol 1 :  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

14th feb 2k9

ospf network types :

lab 4 vol 1 :

The default ospf network type for a multipoint frame relay interface is

The ospf network type non-broadcast generates unicast hello packets and
like the broadcast network type supports the DR/BDR election

Hello packets are of unicast type so neighbours must be manually
configured with neighbour statement under ospf process

DR in ospf is responsible for distributing lsa to other devices on the
segement and hence dr must have a direct layer two connectivity to all
devices on the segment

In hub-and-spoke NBMA networks , this implies that hub and only hub should be the
DR because hub is the only device which has direct layer two connectivity]
to all devices on the network


show ip ospf neigh
show ip ospf inter
show ip route

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