ospf network type : point-to-multipoint  

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ospf network type : point-to-multipoint

ospf network type ponit-to-multipoint does not support DR and BDR election

point-to-multipoint sends hello packets to the multicast address

point-to-multipoint must be manually configured at the interface level using the
command "ip ospf network point-to-multipoint"

There is a difference between point-to-multipoint and the other two broadcast and non-broadcast
with the next-hop resolution on a nbma media .

ospf network type point-to-multipoint treats the network as a
collection of point-to-point links instead of one broadcast network

In broadcast and non-broadcast , ospf does not deal with layer 2 topology
and may not relate it with layer 3 network .

ospf network types broadcast and non-broadcast , next hop values are not
modified when updates are sent on nbma

This implies the device on nbma cloud requires layer 3 to layer 2 resolution
for any endpoint injecting into the network.

In ospf network type point-to-multipoint , next hop values are changed to the
address of directly connceted neighbor when they are advertised across
the NBMA cloud.

Routers on NBMA network only need layer 3 to layer 2 resolution for
directly connected neighbors when running ospf network point-to-multipoint

ospf network type point-to-multipoint advertises the endpoints of the
point-to-multipoint network as host routes instead of actual network itself

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