Saturday, February 7, 2009

session 2 :

sat feb 07 2k9

network types:

point to point
point to multipoint
point to multipoint non broadcast

types of behaviour:

unicast / multicast
DR / BDR election
next-hop address

network types :

(A) broadcast :

network type is default in networks such as ethernet

hello packets are sent out using multicast

Election of dr and bdr takes place and decides the two multicast address distribution

multicast reserved addresses


The primary use of bdr is to minimise lsa replication

DR is elected based on two components : priority and router-id


0-255 ---> can be defined manually .. higher the number higher is the priority

value of '0' will make the router never to participate in election process

Router Id

Highest loopback addr and if not then highest interface ip

Can be manually set

if we have a bunch of loopbacks the higher one is selected

Interface preference :

loopback (higher ip addr) > loopback > interface addr (higher addr) > interface addr

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