LAB 2-3  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LAB 2-3



Review basic eigrp authentication

Configure and verify eigrp auto-summaraisation

Configure and verify manual summaraisation

Learn to use debug commands for eigrp summaraisation

Configure ip default network with eigrp

Consider effects of summaraisation and default routes in large networks.


A network engineer has been having trouble with high memory bandwidth, and cpu utilisation on her routers that are running eigrp.over lunch she mentions to you that she has flapping routes in many parts of eigrp autonomous system and suspects that these are cause of performance impediment . the engineers network has only out to the network and her isp has mandated that she should use on the end of backbone connection

After asking if you could take a look at her network you discover that the routing tables are filled with 29-bit and 30-bit ip network prefixes some of which are unstable and flapping . you observe that summaraisation would prompt a dramatic improvement in network performance and volunteer to implement it

she asks you to show her prrof of concept in the lab first . so you copy the config files and paste in router..

this is the topology .....

following with configs and observations .... with various new commands...

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