Wednesday, October 8, 2008

rather than presenting with running configs it will be better off to mention the commands i used in this ... because i too never understood what those frame-relay commands were meant for .. so i wont post any of the configs till my understanding ... here are the commands i learnt in this ..

these are not the configs but just a revision sort of thing for frame-relay configs

frame-relay switching
int s1/0
encapsulation frame-relay
clock rate 128000
frame-relay lim-type cisco
frame-relay intf-type dce
frame-relay route 102 interface s1/1 201

this is for east

frame-relay map ip broadcast
frame-relay map ip broadcast

frame-relay map ip -----------------------> this is the important option .. this is to include our own local interface

bandwidth percent command
ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 1 40 --------> to make that interface bandwith as 40% in as 1

by far most important point is to avoid split horizon rule in frame-relay other wise router will stop sending updates to other ..

config-if#no ip split-horizon eigrp 1

this turns off split horizon

the beautiful part is this

making eigrp as unicast rather than multicast

to make this use neig command

router eigrp 1
neighbor serial 1/0 ------> example

these are the points i saw interesting .. the other lab to follow is the lab named adtran i didnt even heard that of lol ....or might have forgotten update with you asap

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