Tuesday, October 28, 2008

for the last week or so there were no updates on study materials and techs because of two reasons ..

iam presently undegoing series of semister exams which are still for one month and secondly i have been watching the cbt nuggest so potentially i couldnt write it to this diary ...

seeing all the videos one thing i could see my self is ospf is really big and vast .. and a real busy routing protocol ..

the things i learned from cbt . these are brief and i did lab on cbt .. yet left with cisco press and cisco lab . i happened to hear the ospf routing proc by scott morris of ip expert and man o man i was amazed and thrilled about the minute details leaving the nat part which i still to explore ... iam finding real kick off just waiting for my completion of sem exams after that i could happily study for another 3 months without any exams in coll lol ...

the most important topics are

1.ospf summaraisation options (abr and asbr having differences)

2.area types and basic use of areas (less areas more probablity of buring your cpu in gns3 jus kidding)

3.lsa types (these are huge and i had a lot of fun while configuring)

4.stub and different stubs like nssa and tsa (california stuff dude )

5.ospf authentication (md5 algorithm and simple text authentication)

6.dr and bdr elections

7.network types (point to point and p2mp , nbma , broadcast ,p2mp n b )

8.a sample of redistribution and auto adjusting cost with no pain at all .

9.lot of wiered stuff with ospf with lot of fun and misconfiguring and frame-relay stuff

10.i had to force myself to exactly configure frame-relay and its working for cbt labbing . if any one wants to configure feel free to ask me to post the methods ..as it is of all basic stuff

11.went to see 3 movies with frnds lol

i would start off with ccnp bsci cisco press text book from today on wards and would update with important points ...


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