LAB 2-4A AND 2-4B  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The worst of lab experience is for these two labs lol... yes making a router as a frame-relay switch..nothing went on well for me .. the topology tables were not updated and i had to do this lab for thrice with no success lol .... i will try it again on original routers in the evening and wil let you know what exactly are the points .

as far as steps and points are concerned nothing special in concept except making the one of the router configure to avoid split horizon rule with eigrp as number ... and bandwidth percent command to limit bandwith on the interface to our will ... apart from these two points the rest of all are walk in the park for understanding and not that great for impelementing think with this lab i had started to see the ccie hell i guess rofl ...

so this is the question and topology

Lab 2-4a EIGRP Frame Relay Hub and Spoke: Router Used As Frame Switch
Learning Objectives
• Review basic configuration of EIGRP on a serial interface
• Configure the bandwidth-percent command
• Configure EIGRP over Frame Relay hub and spoke
• Use EIGRP in non-broadcast mode
• Enable EIGRP manual summarization in topologies with discontiguous major

Note: Given the diversity of router models and the differing naming conventions for
serial interfaces (S0, S0/0, S0/0/0), the interface numbers on your devices will probably
differ from those in the topology diagram. The same is true for which side of the link is
DCE or DTE. You should always draw your network diagram to reflect your topology. If
2 - 21 CCNP: Building Scalable Internetworks v5.0 - Lab 2-4a Copyright © 2006, Cisco Systems, Inc

you are uncertain which side of the connection is DCE, use the show controllers serial
HQ#show controllers serial0/0/0
Interface Serial0/0/0
Hardware is GT96K
DCE V.35, clock rate 2000000

You are responsible for configuring and testing the new network that connects
your company’s headquarters and east and west branches. The three locations
are connected over hub-and-spoke Frame Relay, using the company
headquarters as the hub. Model each branch office’s network with multiple
loopback interfaces on each router, and configure EIGRP to allow full
connectivity between all departments.
To simulate the Frame Relay WAN connections, use a router with three serial
ports configured as a frame switch. The router configuration is described in

running configs as follows

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