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Sunday, December 21, 2008

today will be starting off with the revision part .... was thinking about a hardware set up ... any ways more on that later .. i would start of with eigrp from netmaster igp cods and slowly try to solve the labs from netmetric after the completion of vod .. i was having a problem setting up doc cd and accessing it in ubuntu and for that reason i have installed vmware and installed winxp to set the doc dvd alone ... i have a desktop which has complete data back up and much of the cisco stuff and media .. i was going through it and suddenly a spark went through my head .. i quickly read about establishing remote desktop and bingo i could connect to my desk top .. issues i faced were

1.whenever you want to set up a remote desktop connection make sure your account is pass protected or have a password .. this is not for a security reason , of course it is but winxp would only allow you to remotely login if and only if you have a password ..

2.connecting to remote desktop involves setting up ip address and using rdesktop or terminal services clients .. this is how you give a ip address in bash

#sudo fconfig eth0

this is my eth0 address now conncet to rdesktop which is at

#sudo rdesktop -r local:audio

this is to even have remote audio play on your computer .. thats it you are done

this helps in not setting up a vm instance which eats up ram as rdesktop utilizes minimum of ram and no network because its a direct connection in most cases

these are few of the points ...


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