Update and Revision part 1  

Thursday, December 25, 2008

hai all .. its been a while .. and has a good reason for that .. iam planning to join a ccnp course at a local institute for one month ... iam doing this as i could get equipment for 5 more months after the completion of course in which case i could have some hands on on a real equip and could regain or maintain the switching itching ..!!! (two packets dropped wink.gif) .. so in order to have some knowledge from my point of view and for familiarity sake i have started things with switching from nugget.cbt and will do also form traing signal .. though wont be an indepth practice .. so was busy in doing this .. my plan was to revise for the igp and routing part but i think it will slow down a bit .. i have started labbing with eigrp

EIGRP should be configured on both ends and should exclude the lo4 and lo32 and also it should include all other interfaces with two network commands on each side

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