Vmware installation tip in linux and few updates from my side  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

making my way for ipv6 done with ccnp nuggets .. anyways today i faced slight problem with linux let it be the installation of files or playing some of the videos out there .. i had a dual boot with linux and windows so i rebooted several times and performed some of the necessary tasks ... i was doing this for the past several days and was relatively fed up but was ok for me .. i was thinking of this issue and was seeing ccnp nuggets in windows as it was copyrighted and wmv codec with copy right cannot be played under linux .. i thought of using converter to convert wmv to divx and see them in linux and they worked . as i was converting i got an brilliant idea of vmware workstation .. i quickly installed vmware in linux and then you can guess the rest of it .. i have installed windows xp in my linux .. with the help of vmware .. bingo . i could use xp and linux without any trouble

tip of the day : using linux is extremely helpful as it uses gns3 efficiently .. as we are addicted to windows , install windows in linux and for what ever reason if you are facing any difficulties start vm and enjoy with windows ..

installation is damn simple .. any help let me know ...


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