Wednesday, December 17, 2008

set up dhcp service on router 2

first remove all of the wanted address by mentioning the excluded range .. this includes specifying the router i addresses

r2#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
r2(config)#ip dhcp ?
aaa Configure aaa attributes
binding DHCP address bindings
bootp BOOTP specific configuration
class Configure DHCP classes
conflict DHCP address conflict parameters
database Configure DHCP database agents
excluded-address Prevent DHCP from assigning certain addresses
limit Limit DHCP Lease
limited-broadcast-address Use all 1's broadcast address
ping Specify ping parameters used by DHCP
pool Configure DHCP address pools
relay DHCP relay agent parameters
smart-relay Enable Smart Relay feature
update Configure dynamic updates
use Configure use of certain parameters during

r2(config)#ip dhcp exclu
r2(config)#ip dhcp excluded-address ?
A.B.C.D High IP address

r2(config)#ip dhcp excluded-address ?

r2(config)#ip dhcp excluded-address
r2(config)#ip dhcp pool ?
WORD Pool name

r2(config)#ip dhcp pool rakesh_r3 ?

r2(config)#ip dhcp pool rakesh_r3
r2(dhcp-config)#network ?
A.B.C.D Network number in dotted-decimal notation

r2(dhcp-config)#network ?
/nn or A.B.C.D Network mask or prefix length

r2(dhcp-config)#network /24 ?
secondary Configure as secondary subnet

r2(dhcp-config)#network /24
r2(dhcp-config)#default-router ?
Hostname or A.B.C.D Router's name or IP address

*Mar 1 00:57:44.147: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console
r2#show ip dchp pool
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

r2#show ip dhcp pool

Pool rakesh_r3 :
Utilization mark (high/low) : 100 / 0
Subnet size (first/next) : 0 / 0
Total addresses : 254
Leased addresses : 0
Pending event : none
1 subnet is currently in the pool :
Current index IP address range Leased addresses - 0

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