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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i took darby weavers advice and went after train.signal and man he has details ... first few times i felt bored and closed the window ... but after the third i began to see his notes and points both becoming valuble ... now no longer iam considering to go after cisco press as i will take the book exam certification guide rather than student guide ... the download of mentor is on progress and i after that i will even see that .. and then go on for ccie training videos on ospf ... i thought of checking my lab practices and level on ccnp ..and they are just improving .. i have began labbing from cisco lab guide for ccnp and this is the first of the 5 topologies .

not in very much of details as the first lab is just a starter on puppy things like priorities and starting the ospf proc itself ....

here is the topo and router show runs ..... after iam done with labs i would post the important points as what i found in both cb.t and train.signal , video.mentor..

lab 3-1

Lab 3-1 Single-Area OSPF Link Costs and Interface Priorities
Learning Objectives
• Configure single-area OSPF on a router
• Advertise loopback interfaces into OSPF
• Verify OSPF adjacencies
• Verify OSPF routing information exchange
• Modify OSPF link costs
• Change interface priorities
• Utilize debugging commands for troubleshooting OSPF


You are responsible for configuring the new network to connect your company’sEngineering, Marketing, and Accounting departments, represented by the
loopback interfaces on each of the three routers. The physical devices have justbeen installed and connected by Fast Ethernet and serial cables. Configure
OSPF to allow full connectivity between all departments.You will be using the same physical topology for the labs in this module, so
save your configuration for use in the next lab exercise.

running configs and show commands to follow ...


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