Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As mentioned i was going through wide variety of topics from student guide and came across different types of eigrp packets ... i could understand from cisco press the implementation part so i set up a lab in gns3 and ran wireshark packet capture utility .. the following are the results and i have now got the jist of packet generation i suppose ...still left out with some sort of packet types though..

this is the topology

now this is the first capture screen shot this is from r0 - r1

as you can see there are many important details to be observed let us see it one by one

1.first of all we can see the packet type "HELLO" and eigrp multicast address

2.the source address

3.in the bottom pane when you obseve carefully (EIGRP PARAMETERS ALL THE K'S AND THEIR VALUES )

4.also the holddown timer with ios version and eigrp revision version

r1 - r2 packet capture

1.In this case you can see so many of the packets being generated understandably...

2.the keep alive packets can also be seen with few of the cdp enquires

3.even in this case the source is mentioned to perfection

There are few of the packets like update, acknowledgements

update packets views

few of the interesting points

1.the only packets i couldnt see were query packets , i forced the middle router to be stub so that there would be a chance in generation of query packets
the out of querys can be seen in router console but not in capture packet session

2.there were no packet capture between fa0/0 and fa0/0 or r0 - r3 .. i thought i would get hello packets but i couldnt ..

these were some of the interesting stuff i found out in this session ..

today i will complete off with lesson and follow up with the updates ..



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