Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hai everyone .... While seeing CBT NUGGETS i saw the access server which is being used by mr.jermy ciora. It was always fascinating to me and wanted to set up one .. i was struggling and struggling and i finally got it today . iam happy now ..

The entire credit goes to
Mr.Rajendra for letting me know how to set up the access server and guiding me .. he is presently residing in banglore and you can reach him at

To define an access server in my simplest of server setups where in you can bounce from one router console to other router console without changing windows or tabs ...if you find any difficulty follow this tutorial and by the end you will know what exactly is an access server

The following is the simplest of topologies set up in my lab in gns3

ip host ACCESSSERVER 2004 -------------------------------------------->[note the console port number from 'list' command ]

Configure the following on Your AccessServer...

ip host R1 2001
ip host R2 2002
interface FastEthernet0/0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto

ip route
line con 0
logging synchronous
line aux 0
line vty 0 4
no login

so start off thats it

Trying R1 (, 2001)... Open
Connected to Dynamips VM "R1" (ID 1, type c3600) - Console port



*Mar 1 00:00:10.519: %SNMP-5-COLDSTART: SNMP agent on host r1 is undergoing a cold start
r1# -------> [the most important step i was struggling here to get back to access server but how ???? solution is to pm unborn hehe
i tried for an hour and searched even google dint found it so again pmed unborn]

[hit ctrl + shift + 6 key combination first then after that press 'x' you will be
back to you access server]



Trying R2 (, 2002)... Open
Connected to Dynamips VM "R2" (ID 2, type c3600) - Console port




now after loggin once .. check your access server for sessions for every session instance there will be a number . so pressing that number will be enough
to log our way into the router

accessserver#show session
Conn Host Address Byte Idle Conn Name
1 r1 0 5 r1
* 2 r2 0 1 r2

press 1 for r1 or 2 for r2


[Resuming connection 1 to r1 ... ]



tip here is for r1 if you wanna have a number one session start the r1 first and later r2 so that session will be appropriate

ps. any one having doubts on settinup ms loop back adapter do msg me i will come back to soon...
and also test this

This completes the configuration & setting part.

Now try the connectivity between your AccSrv & PC. Open a command prompt & try pinging the Router Eth. interface

Console to the router & ping ur Loopback interface 10.0.1.

If you are able to ping, you are ready to go. Start rest of the routers & From the console window of AccSrv Type R0.......................... See the Magic (This is reverse telnet)

Rakesh ;)

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