Friday, September 19, 2008


from this lab onwards i have changed the way to represent diagrams ...

1. use colors for practising ...

2. blue pen for router symbols

3.dark brown sketch for router naming sketch for serial interfaces sketch for fa interfaces connection for ip address and interface naming

i would have used more but read an article by one of ccie that he lost time in making more and more colorful .. i will stick to these colors till my ccie.. i may scan one copy and upload it so that any one reading it would get a basic idea .. if at all you need scanned copy let me know through a pm.


intially i have made configs like logg sync and aliases in a notepad and copied it to all routers after that i went to induvidaul routers

1.firstly i went to router 1

2.configured loopbacks

3. configured fa

4. configre serial

5.enable eigrp

so in this way i went on ...

the student guide was in nuts and was configuring induvidually .. i dint liked it and so i went on my own


1.FIRSTLY when i configured this and was testing for convergence by shutting down one of fa interface i never saw it .. some thing wrong with gns3 or may with my configs

2.idiotic ping stoppage .. i gave a repeated ping #ping repeat 10000 for seeing the interface and its properties and i never knew how to stop the dirty ping .. i had to restart the router 3 to 4 times for this .. later i knew the command to stop ping was ctrl + ^ combination

over and out for lab 2.2


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