Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The two of the points were not comfortable for me and while i was going through the student guide i got them cleared after a second read

1.The hello packets contains all the k values in its and in this way router exchanging hello packets with other can decide on the fly the kvalue mismatch

2.Eigrp 32-metric representation is granular ...

Well granular was ok with grammer but what about 32 .. where is that used or where is that represented i was thinking to put a query packet in the forum for answer discover (see iam getting so much in to subject lol)

and while i saw this during metric calculation i was enlightened ...

it means the eigrp metric ranges from 1 to 4294967296 ...this seems wierd right

now see this 2^32 = 4294967296... i was happy and hence completed

Todays and tomorrow plan is simple and walk in the park its the configuration part ...

so i will get through it quickly and luckily i found bsci lab edtion guide i will play with it and i will also paste the topology and config files so that any one reading it would be most benefited ..


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