updates and clusters  

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Its been a while posting here .. but had my reasons as i was completely fed up with multicast .. though sounds simple while listening and doing but i couldnt get the deeper meaning of it .. any ways on to books for the exclusive study of multicast ... and there is a plan from my side .. iam going to develop power point presentations of my studies and i will upload to file hosting services so that some of you could download and see whats in there .. i was going through the hak5 seasons of episodes . they are based on hacking and some the technology underground cover ..

you can always vistit them at www.hak5.org and download an episode and see it for you self . one such thing was clustering .. i heard about this few months ago and thought .. that it would be very hard to implement clustering .. but its not .. it damn easy and the advantage is that two computer can be shared by one process .. in the episode the power was used for hashing the rainbow tables for the windows password but in our case we have even more evil intentions , we can use it for gns3 ... there are ways to do it without clustering but its a bit hard .. anyways i have a old computer sitting in my home doing nothing . so i will try to integrate it with the new one and will let you know ...


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