Ubuntu basic guidelines  

Thursday, November 27, 2008

simple steps to follow ..

* those who want to install ubuntu linux can order their copy for free at


you can either download or request it .. i would ask you to do both of them ....

* check the compatability with your system most of the desktops should not have problems what so ever .. even all of the laptops are covered well except some of the wifi part

* as linux ships with many of the non commercial softwares you cant even play mp3 files .. for that you need enable repositories .. you can find the entire guide here


* downloading and installing is straight foreward for gns3 ... it should work well other wise browse any of the docs or blindhog ..

after you could install gns3 its all same from there on .... there is a package called compiz fusion which is rocking for eyes .. the guis effects are to bee seen by everyone who hadnt

any help let me know via mail wink.gif


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