LAB 3-2 OSPF  

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lab 3-2 Multiple-Area OSPF with Stub Areas and Authentication

Learning Objectives

• Configure multiple-area OSPF on a router
• Verify multiple-area behavior
• Configure OSPF stub, totally stubby, and not so stubby areas
• Configure OSPF authentication

You are responsible for configuring the new network to connect your company’sEngineering, Marketing, and Accounting departments, represented by loopback
interfaces on each of the three routers. The physical devices have just beeninstalled and connected by serial cables. Configure multiple-area OSPF to allow
full connectivity between all departments.R3 will also have a loopback representing a connection to another autonomous
system that is not part of OSPF.This topology may appear again in future labs, so save your configuration.

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