Friday, November 14, 2008

this lab has just took me my a** off .. yes i mean it . not that its that a difficult job or practice to have but i was making mistakes of configs or ips or as numbers what not .. i was not in my mind and was wasting time until i decided to knock it off and do it afresh instead of debugging it for mistakes ...

strange experience till now as i was enjoying all my labs without much difficulty

all the configs are straight foreward and doesnt require and explanations .. configuring ibgp and ebgp relationships is quite simple .. the only thing to remember is update source and next hop self commands

the tasks in this lab is to play with local preference and med operators ... having said that , the following are the configs to follow

and by the way i realised the beauty of extended ping now . a special thanks goes to pappyaar for answering and clearing things off along with compy

here are the configs and topology to follow

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