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Thursday, November 27, 2008

my health is not supporting me these days as there is a climate change .. neverthless .. i have made some advancements ...

i have got craze for linux and installed a red hat 9 in my school days on a old compaq computer .. from then on there was some thing or other which was poking at me .. coming back ..

as i have already told you that i would increase my ram for gns3 soft run . but now i have changed my mind to postpone it .. the reason is linux

beleive me or not .. linux has a better management of ram and memory than windows which i used to use for previous labs ..

i have installed ubuntu 8.04 64 bit edition .. had some problems with wifi and vga stuff fixed all of the issues in these two days .. installed gns3 .. obviously not successful in my first attempt due to some of the mistakes but saw it now and posting it immediately ..

i could start upto 17 routers in gns3 with linux in hand .. dint done any lab on it though ... and observed memory ...

firstly the memory was at 919mb out of total 1.7gb availabe ram memory .. and swap memory was around 3.8 which is double the ram ofcourse ..

now i have installed 4 of routers and ram increased to 1100mb and from there on it stopped increasing even though i have increased the number of routers .. the reason being swap memory is taking over it now .

yes the ram memory increase stopped at 1100 mb and virtual memory began to increase . virtual memory = swap memory and so i could increase number of routers to greater extend without any system hang .

so i would recommend ubuntu for users who has a memory hang experiences with their pc's . also tried with dynamips .. but i couldnt do it for long ... as i am used to gns3 ..

so all in all instruments are sharper again for me ...


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