Friday, November 14, 2008

left with 3 of the redistribution labs but my time sucks and the factor is due to my external exams which are going on in my coll .. my bad .. iam after big some thing and i will keep it as a surprise till 24th of this month ..so after 24th probably you may expect me to do the labbing again .... just a zeal for the things which are going or which can be grabbed free of cost officially wink.gif

so i have decided not to go off the track and started revising the router core technologies from various parts of the world wink.gif including both the experts out there

here are some of the points worth noting about eigrp .. and do you know one thing ? it is damn easy to hear a audio boot camp ..but try like this .. try writing down the important points and you will soon see the play and sport in it ..it real hard to jot down the important points ..because of two reasons .one every point in a audio boot camp is important and other you need to revise it for atleast 4 times ... for a 15 min audio i took nearly 1 hr do jot a rough note how horrible my writing and learning speeds are any ways it improves me ..

so i would be highlighting some of the points from eigrp which i found important in my self study

good luck


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