Friday, November 14, 2008

ompelted bgp from ts part and also from cbtt . looking foreward for route redistribution and nat / route-map from ts .. after that lab work to follow there are 14 labs i guess with bgp 4 redistribution 5 and route map 4 -- one on dhcp server which will be done last

i have to admit that ts is little boring and took so much time for me to complete .. but it has details and its real good ... this the part one or phase of the studies so no notes jotting business till now ... after iam done with the labs i would also post some of the important points ...

and also little offtopic is that went to quantam of solace and i have to give it a rating of 5/5 as iam a bond fan ... wink.gif

thinking to complete the redistribution part today at any cost from ts and by tomorrow route-maps part ... after that within a week i would complete the multicast and ipv6 part with a small topic left with dhcp service ... and i should be offically done with lab work and ts and cbtt by nov 20 .. these are just the goals of mine as of now .. but my external exams are approaching real fast and they are scheduled from nov 11 ... holy shit

any ways catch you with redistribution part and the way it is dealt in both vendors

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