Friday, November 14, 2008

done with cb.t nuggets and onto train signa.l ... decent amount of info is available in cb.t nuggt.s ccnp series ... and t.s have got it all i guess ...completed and only one part of video out of four ... yet to do labs .. what i have learnt is

attributes --- 6 of them weight and local pref are being imp

route maps --- beautiful techniques on filtering the routes

debug bgp commands and their verification

show commands and their details

2 of the labs from nugget.s

catch u with the updates and also there are my sem lab exams gng on which is pain in a55..yes boring and time consuming dirty lab exams ... need to work with mercury and fluids along with carpentry work , soft mud for casting and other process ....pain i need to study them all .... and as opposed to scott morris ...there's everything i can learn the day before for my college lab exam ..hehe

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