Done with the lab 2  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

done with the lab 2 .. though sounded like a simple redistribution it was hard .. how is that hard ?

question was to redistribute eigrp and rip mutually .. at first it was good and ok i had done it and now the question demanded that rip should see the exact
hop count .. like if the network is 2 hops away it should see it as 120/2 likewise ..

at first i dint pay much attention and went on and redistributed

router rip
version 2
redist eigrp 100 metric 4

but this replaced all routes which are redistributed into rip with hop count of 4 ...

the solution was to create an access-list first and allow networks that were to be redistributed and then go ahead and create a route map which matched the
acl and set the metric to the respective hop count ..

after writing the acl again back to router menu and redist with the proper route-map


was difficult for me

on to lab 3

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