Its been a while  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello everyone ... its been a while i wrote about my prep path .. it has also some thing to do with my exams going on and iam in a verge of creating / launching a website which will be uniqe .. so iam into learning the content management system joomla . so had to stop my prep and concentrate on making the website look and feel good ...

Presently we are a team of two members and the website concept is uniqe .. I need more of the elite members to join me and also aditionally to gain some rep in the community ...

anyways , joining in a team doesnt involve or doesnt require any one to any of the scripting skills / programming skills ... they just need to have good ability to pick some articles and choose the best of the articles ...

the majority of the concept being to make a free emag which will be available to all people with photos of our team members .. the website is official and no warez stuff which will make us proud to be part of the team

And lot of other goals and plans which cannot be disclosed as of now .. so , guys if you are interested and have some time to contribute please let me know at

so the prep update will be stopped for another week or so .. any ways got to go and work on it ..

good day


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