#SET TAG IE VOL 4.10#  

Saturday, January 3, 2009



-> To set a tag value of the destination routing protocol ,
use the set tag command in route-map config mode


-> Use the route-map global config mode , and the match and
set route-map config commands , to define the conditions
for redistributing routes from one routing protocol into
another .

-> Each route-map command has a list of match and set commands
associated with it . The match commands specify the match
value - the conditions under which redistribution is
allowed for the current route-map command

-> The set commands specify the set actions - the particular
redistribution actions to perform if the criteria enforced
by the match commands are met .

-> The set route-map config commands specify the redistribution
set actions to be performed when all the match criteria
of a route map are met . When all match criteria are met,
all set actions are performed

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