Lab 4:  

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's been a while .. i went on a holiday and hell i did enjoy a lot ... hehe cant reveal it though laugh.gif ... any ways i wanted to inform you with the left out labs from foundation gap and also holiday thing but couldnt as sadikhov was down and i couldnt write them down ..

our college has given us holidays for a week and in the mean while we planned for a holiday spot which is full of green stuff and beach to surround ... ohh i want to work as a fisher man over there ... holy hell ...

great ...

done with lab 4 and lab 5 from foundation gap

lab 4 :

loadbalancing .. ---> nothing great in this ---

covered commands -- > variance , traffic share count

timer manipulation .. --- > sia -- x minutes , disabling sia --- > can be done from router config mode > timer ?

lab 5:

authentication :

mode : mds5

key - chain config ...

on to ospf revising cbt.t as need a good amount of revision and should be strong at concepts as we dont know what else can change in near future laugh.gif

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