Having fun with basic clusters ...and GNS3  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hai all , me and one of my pals named darlord (:0 alias exec darklord duplicatename) thought of building a minor cluster .. The idea was started by him and i downloaded and installed it .. and quick review

what is a cluster?

well iam not into clustering so i would define that its a group of computers connected and when booted with a cluster operating systems unites their resources and become one computer

In simple words :

consider two computer connected via a ethernet cable .. boot with cluster operating system and they will load balance and share the tasks

How did i do that ?

Well its a child play till now ... the best thing is labbing and for any thing any everything we can lab on vmware ..

The cluster operating system name is "cluster knoppix" a knoppix distribution .. feel free to google only 600 mb of cd

next create two vm's with "other linux 2.6.x" kernel and give the iso path to the cd rom in vmware and bingo you cluster is already booting ..

to make some sense in what iam talking see this screen shot

now did you see two of the ip's of the vm's which has cluster knopppix os and console message "cluster has 2 members " ..

How does this help us ?

Dont you work with gns3 ...? ofcourse the answer is yes .... so when you happen to have some old computers and the unused ones or let us say you wanna add some power .. boot with cluster and bingo they share you cpu power and also efficiency

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