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Sunday, January 4, 2009

After completing ie vol 1 as said i went after netmetric ccnp lab guide and it was swiftly done no complications . simple and straight foreward with minimal of 2 routers and max of 3 routers .. it has a total of 10 labs and all of them are childish neverthelss i could see some stub and redist configs

these are the labs and my experience

lab 1 - basic eigrp config -- childs play

lab 2 - configuring ip default-network command - some what confused but was silly wink.gif

lab 3 - route summaraisation in eigrp - straight foreward

lab 4 - loadbalancing accross equal paths - nothing great just set up eigrp and verify with trace route

lab 5 - loadbalanching accross unequal paths - nothing special from lab 4 change bandwidths and then use variance command beating around the bush

lab 6 - eigrp authentciation - simple i changed the topo i have included a redundant link and configured one link for md5 and other with no auth - it was fun

lab 7 - configuring eigrp stub - seen all of the varities -- at first felt a bit lost but when seen closely it was nothing

lab 8 - redistribute eigrp with rip v2 -- donot forget seed metric

lab 9 - redistribute eigrp with ospf -- simple include metric and subnets

lab 10 - redistribute connected - name says it all

so was fun with these ten labs going after netmetric ccie lab guide and will let you know .. i would advice any one to take a look at the netmetric first they are simple and boosts some confidence laugh.gif


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