Started with ospf  

Monday, January 19, 2009

Started with ospf and done with video 1 from cbtt nugets ... also wanted to revise and go from the ground level so went on with the part 1 of laura chappels course and started with arp .. i have got so much of stuff but never had fun using them .. iam utilising them now a days boy iam happy ..

so to start of with ospf nothing complicated to explain or revise until the other two videos

on to laura chappel well the concept was on arp and now i could understand what is arp , why it cannot be forewarded accross routers etc

main concepts involve

gratituos arp

proxy arp

and arp headers

gratituos arp is nothing but a arp packets which checks and validates the ip address given to the system is not given for any other system . this is done by sending a arp packet which contains its own ip address , so if a duplicate system is present it responds to it so that it can be corrected

proxy arp if we know about router converting or routing different netwoks its the same , the router gives its own mac address of the interface without forewarding the broadcast as arp is based on broadcast

arp headers dosent contain any info on protocols such as tcp udp and ip headers so it basically cannot be read by devices which looks for ip headers

this is to sum up

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