Thursday, January 1, 2009

going on to single technologies for the preciseness and also referring doc cd and making some kinda of notes . netmasterss igp is helping on the way .. any ways doing some of the ethreal videos and laura chappels tcp/ip video as to have some base level packet understanding .. it will take time though but worth spending .. i was advised to have some real good grip on tcp/ip packet understanding by my very good frnd talentpk ... anyways i had done a scenario on ie eigrp stub ..



To configure a router as a stub using EIGRP , use the
"eigrp stub" command in router config mode

"eigrp stub [recieve-only connected static summary redist]"

recieve only - sets the router as a recieve-only neigh

connected - advertises connected routes

static - advertise static route

summary - advertises summary routes

redistributed - advertises redistributed routes from other
and autonomous systems


Use the "eigrp stub" command to configure as a stub where
the router directs all IP traffic to a distribution router

The "eigrp stub" command can be modified with serveral options
and these options can be used in any combination except
receive-only keyword

The receive-only keyword will restrict the router from sharing
any of its routes with any router in that EIGRP as, as the
receive-only keyword will not permit any other option to
be specified because it prevents any type of route from
being sent

The four other optional keywords (connected , static ,
summary, and redistributed) can be used in any combination
but cannot be used with the receive-only keyword)

The connected keyword permits the EIGRP stub routing feature
to send connected routes.if the connected routes are not
covered by a network command statement , it may be
necessary to redistribute connected routes with
redistribute connected command under EIGRP process . This
option is enabled by default

The "static" keyword permits the EIGRP stub routing feature
to send traffic to send static routes.without the configuration
of this option, EIGRP will not send any static routes,
including internal static routes that normally would be
automatically redistributed . it will still be necessary
to redistribute static routes with redistribute static command

The summary keyword permits the EIGRP stub routing feature
to send summary routes . summary routes can be created
manually with summary address command or automatically at a
major network border router with no auto command enabled

The redistributed keyword permits the EIGRP stub routing
feature to send other routing protocols and autonomous
systems .

Multiaccess interfaces , frame-relay are supported by the
EIGRP stub routing feature only when all routers on that,
interface, except the hub, are configured as stub routers.

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