Friday, November 14, 2008

a small advice from me guys/gals ... who ever practicing labs no matter how large or small they may be .i got a great idea last night

use camtasia studio screen recorder for that .. yes you will anyways do the lab right ..so why not just record the lab with your moves and stratagies in your own language or english up to you and see them as revision part ...

it has proved to be effective ..as atleast while revising you can see where you went wrong .. or what the plans were ... this wont take any of your time as the recording goes on and there is nothing you should do except pressing a record button and carry on with your work .. see at the amount of distractions you will get .. i poked several of the websites some of the downloads and what not as greatest distraction tools .. my sincere and effective advice .. if you feel like doing please go ahead and start the one


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